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Wander While You Wait

About The Client

Val, the awesome gal behind Wander While You Wait, decided to turn her love of travel into something that could pay for itself. She works full-time during the week and takes off most weekends on adventures with her friends. Her dream is that eventually Wander While You Wait will take off and replace her full-time job. Before that could ever happen, she needed a high quality Logo & Website design that matched her personal style, and encouraged in others the desire to travel.

Logo & Website Design Process

After providing Val with a few different icon options, she chose to go with the globe, as it is often associated with travel. We toyed around with having an airplane on the globe, but decided against it for simplicities sake. We chose typefaces that meshed well with the icon and her vision for the brand. Then we moved on to the website. It made sense to go with a minimalistic color scheme and design, because Val has a great eye for photography and we didn’t want the design to distract from her images and content.

The design is responsive and geared towards her cell phone obsessed target audience. We created the website using WordPress, with a free theme (she’s got a tight budget) and lots of custom css.

Additional Designs

Val also wanted t-shirts designed to wear while she travels. She may also sell them on her website. I’m also currently working on an infographic on why traveling is good for your health!

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Wander While You Wait Website Design Mockup

wander t-shirt designs