I’m the girl behind the lense/screen. I always hate to write these “about me” things because I go blank when writing (or designing) for myself. So I’m thinking it’s a good idea to write up a quick list of things you might not know about me:

  • I’m married to one of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet, and we have a very cute (and very busy) 2 year old boy.
  • I LOVE Nutella. I buy those really huge jars of it and go through them like you wouldn’t believe. Delicious with saltine crackers. Try it!
  • Traveling keeps me sane. Before kids, I liked to call myself a world traveler. I have been to a lot of awesome places and I love to learn about other cultures. Travel has taken the back burner as of late, but I still have a goal to visit every continent before I die.
  • I graduated with a bachelors from BYU-Idaho. I studied Communication (emphasizing in visual media), and minored in web design. Sometimes I miss learning at school, but I don’t miss the homework!
  • FOOD (HEART EYE EMOJI)! Enough said.
  • I use smiley faces and exclamation points probably too often in my emails.
  • I am a perfectionist. Which is sometimes good and sometimes bad (good attention to detail – but too hard on myself).
  • I love thunderstorms! I’ll wrap up in a blanket and sit on my covered porch, enjoying the fresh smell of the rain and the powerful sound of thunder.
Photo of Sara Tranberg
Photo of Sara Tranberg
Photo of Sara Tranberg + Family