Erica & Ivan Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos – Erica & Ivan

One of my favorite things in the whole world to photograph is engagement photos. I love getting the opportunity to capture the immense love that two people have for each other. You know, that pre-wedding bliss that almost grosses you out, but at the same time it’s just cute.

It’s even more special if the couple I’m photographing includes one of my bosom friends. A girl who helped get me through the ups and downs of college, dating, learning to feed myself, library study sessions memorizing all things geology, etc. This girl is one of my all time favorite people.

When she asked me to take her engagement photos, I was quite ecstatic. It also helps that she is super pretty and chose a handsome fella to spend forever with.

The engagement photos below will show you what I’m talking about:

Erica+Ivan-356 Erica+Ivan-352 Erica+Ivan-345 Erica+Ivan-312 Erica+Ivan-261 Erica+Ivan-242 Erica+Ivan-220 Erica+Ivan-193 Erica+Ivan-110 Erica+Ivan-89 Erica+Ivan-85 Erica+Ivan-72 Erica+Ivan-65 Erica+Ivan-56 Erica+Ivan-33

Erica, you are a beautiful girl, inside and out, and I wish you 100% happiness forever and ever.

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